Book Excerpts

Congressman Burgess’ Doctor in the House was published in 2011, providing an insider’s explanation of how Obamacare was rammed through the House and Senate.  Dr. Burgess recalls town hall meetings of the summer and fall of 2009, predicts negative effects Obamacare would have on physicians and healthcare in this country, and prescribes workable solutions.

 There is a great deal of discussion as to whether people will lose their current insurance…products that they have grown comfortable with over the years. In spite of the repeated mantra during the debate over this bill–“if you like what you have, keep it”–the fact is that nothing could be further from the truth. 


 Ezekiel Emanuel, MD, the physician brother of Rahm…recently published the following observation in an online version of The Annals of Internal Medicine: ‘To realize the full benefits of the affordable care act, physicians will need to embrace rather than resist change…The most successful physicians will be those who most effectively collaborate with other providers.’ … In other words, doctors should stop resisting the new world order of Obamacare and embrace it…The argument among health policy types is that you cannot control costs unless you also control the doctors who are writing the prescriptions and ordering the tests and hospitalizing patients.