POLITICO Influence: Burgess Launches New PAC Initiative to Help Doctors, Nurses

By Byron Tau

Rep. Michael Burgess is using his leadership PAC to launch a new initiative to bring health care providers into the debate over the Affordable Care Act. “The Affordable Care Act is killing the health care profession with high premiums and unstable coverage. It will continue to negatively impact patient care until we come up with common sense solutions,” said Burgess, a practicing physician for more than 25 years.

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Roll Call: Texas Congressman: More Doctors Needed in Congress

By Matt Fuller

Rep. Michael C. Burgess has a new goal: Bring more doctors to Congress.

Burgess, who is a doctor himself, is redirecting his Lone Star Leadership PAC to focus on helping doctors — and other health care professionals, such as nurses and hospital administrators, Burgess half-begrudgingly notes — become lawmakers.

Burgess told CQ Roll Call on Tuesday doctors need to take on a bigger role in health care policy decisions.

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Washington Times: Obamacare, one year later: Input from doctors could help remedy health care

By Dr. Michael C. Burgess

As a doctor and congressman, I’m often asked what I prefer to be called. The answer for me is always doctor. I practiced medicine in Texas for 25 years, and my father and grandfather were doctors before me. Our primary concern was providing the best possible care for our patients, but that is no longer possible. Obamacare, whose online enrollment opened amid widespread crashes one year ago today, is killing the health care profession with high premiums and unstable coverage. It will continue to...

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Forbes: Obamacare’s Implementation Threatens A Golden Age For The Healing Arts

By Dr. Ben Carson & Congressman Michael Burgess

Medical practice and healthcare policy are on a collision course. From an intellectual perspective, we are entering a golden age of the healing arts. The full promise of genomic medicine informing diagnosis and treatment beckons from just over the horizon. Younger physicians, just entering practice, have the ability to alleviate human suffering that no generation of doctors has ever previously known.

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