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One critical part of this movement is to recruit and support medical professionals who can bring their knowledge of the healthcare industry to elected offices.

"I practiced for 25 years before I was elected to Congress in 2002. As an OB-GYN, I often thought Congress had no real understanding of my patients and my practice. So, I made the difficult decision to put my medical practice on hold so I could help represent our nation’s physicians, healthcare professionals, and patients in D.C. I encourage you to consider doing the same. The country needs your voice." – Dr. Burgess

2016 Endorsed Candidates

Dr. Neal Dunn

Florida - District 2

Dr. Neal Dunn ( is a candidate for Congress in Florida’s 2nd district. He graduated from Washington & Lee University and attended George Washington University Medical School and completed his residency at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Following his graduation from medical school, Neal served his country in the United States Army for over ten years. In 1990, after his service, Neal settled in Florida and began his Urology practice in Panama City. He also founded Panama City Urology Center, Bay Regional Cancer Center and the Advanced Urology Institute. He has served as President of his County Medical Society, Chief of Staff of Gulf Coast Medical Center and a Director of Bay Medical Center Sacred Heart. 

Dr. Roger Marshall

Kansas - District 1

STAT Initiative endorsed candidate Dr. Roger Marshall is from Kansas’ first congressional district. ( Dr. Marshall has dedicated his career to healthcare for the last twenty five years. In fact, he proudly boasts having delivered over 5000 babies as an ob-gyn in Great Bend, KS. He’s served as Chairman of the Board for Great Bend Regional Hospital for the last 14 years and is both active in his church and dedicated to his farm background as Commissioner for the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism. Please visit Dr. Marshall’s website and learn more about his impressive career and why he will make a terrific addition to the Congress.

Dr. Christopher Peters

Iowa - District 2

Dr. Christopher Peters ( is running for Congress in Iowa’s second district. He is a doctor, veteran and small business owner, and is uniquely qualified to serve the constituents he hopes to serve. As a native Kansan, he earned his medical degree at the University of Kansas and served nine years in the U.S. Army Medical Corps. He and his wife own and operate a local surgical clinic.

Dr. Mark Plaster

Maryland - District 3

Dr. Mark Plaster ( not only spent most of his life as an Emergency Room Physician, but also received his law degree in Health Law to better understand the field of medicine. At 50 years old he joined the Navy Reserves and completed two deployments to Iraq with the Marine Corps. He was also asked to provide expert advice on an expansive classified report for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security regarding our nation’s readiness for a large-scale catastrophic attack on the homeland. His extraordinary experience makes him an excellent candidate for Congress. He will give a voice to voters and bring positive proactive changes to Maryland.

Endorsed Incumbents

Dr. Brian Babin

Texas - District 36

Dr. Brian Babin lives in East Texas where he has maintained a successful dental practice. He has been politically active throughout his life and most recently served as an organizer and member of the Tyler County Patriots and as a guest speaker for numerous patriot, veterans, and community events.

For more information on Dr. Babin, please visit

Dr. Dan Benishek

Michigan - District 1

Dr. Dan Benishek lives, works and serves in Congress on behalf of the people of Northern Michigan. He was first elected to Congress in 2010 and his areas of special interest include improving care for veterans and fixing our broken healthcare system.

For more information on Dr. Benishek, please visit

Diane Black, RN

Tennessee - District 6

Diane Black is a Registered Nurse who represents Tennessee’s 6th District in Congress. A small business owner and a nurse for over 40 years, Diane is leading the fight repeal Obamacare.


For more information on Diane Black, please visit

Dr. Charles Boustany

Louisiana - District 3

Dr. Charles Boustany is a husband, father and heart surgeon with 30+ years of experience. In Congress, Dr. Boustany has voted more than 30 times to repeal Obamacare and continues to work to replace it with a conservative plan.


For more information on Dr. Boustany, please visit

Dr. Larry Bucshon

Indiana - District 8

Dr. Larry Bucshon is a Cardiothoracic surgeon who represents Indiana’s 8th congressional district. He is also a veteran of the U.S. Navy Reserve. Dr. Bucshon was elected to public office for the first time in November 2010.

For more information on Dr. Bucshon, please visit

Buddy Carter, Pharm.D.

Georgia - District 1

As a pharmacist and small business owner, Buddy Carter is deeply familiar with the health care issues facing our nation. He knows Obamacare will hurt senior citizens the most and, as a congressman, will work to repeal it.


For more information about Buddy Carter, please visit

Dr. Bill Cassidy

Louisiana - Senate

Dr. Bill Cassidy is a physician who represents Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District. He’s running for Senate where he will continue his fight against Obamacare. Bill believes patients, not government bureaucrats, should have power over healthcare.


For more information on Bill Cassidy, please visit

Rodney Davis

Illinois - District 13

An Illinois native, Congressman Rodney Davis wants to repeal and replace Obamacare with “a market-based solution that protects the rights of patients without exploding our deficit…” Davis is passionate about health care reform: his wife, Shannon, is a cancer survivor, registered nurse and a college nursing instructor. 


For more information about Rodney Davis, please visit

Dr. John Fleming

Louisiana - District 4

Before being elected to Congress, Dr. John Fleming established a family medical practice in his hometown of Minden, Louisiana, after serving as a physician in the Navy. Named the 2007 Louisiana Family Doctor of the Year, Dr. Fleming is “deeply concerned about the recent invasion of government into the patient-doctor relationship.” Repealing Obamacare is his top priority.


For more information on Dr. Fleming, please visit

Dr. Paul Gosar

Arizona - District 4

An Arizona native, Dr. Paul Gosar is a dentist and small business owner who is committed to reforming health care. Before he was elected to Congress in 2010, Dr. Gosar owned a dental practice in Flagstaff for 25 years. Named Arizona’s “Dentist of the Year,” Dr. Gosar has also served as the President of the Arizona Dental Association and the Vice-Chair of the American Dental Association Council on Governmental Affairs.


For more information about Dr. Gosar, please visit

Dr. Andy Harris

Maryland - District 1

A first generation American, Dr. Andy Harris has served his country and his community as an anesthesiologist. After putting himself through Johns Hopkins University, Dr. Harris practiced medicine at a top-ranked hospital for more than three decades. He also served as a doctor in the Naval Reserve, assisting with Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm. As a current Congressman, he supports replacing the President’s health care law with one that employs “common sense reform.”


For more information about Dr. Harris, please visit

Dr. Joe Heck

Nevada - District 3

Dr. Joe Heck serves the residents of Nevada as a physician, Army Reservist, and community volunteer. Joe was elected to Congress in November of 2010 and proudly serves the people of Nevada’s Third Congressional District.

For more information on Dr. Heck, please visit

Evan Jenkins

West Virginia - District 3

Born and raised in West Virginia, Evan Jenkins has worked for his constituents as a state senator to stop rising health care costs, cut taxes for the middle class and help solve the prescription drug abuse epidemic. He is leading efforts to repeal Obamacare and replace it with reform that improves access to quality health care and preserves doctor-patient relationships.


For more information about Evan Jenkins, please visit

Alex Mooney

West Virginia - District 2

A West Virginia native, Alex Mooney served in the state senate for more than a decade, fighting for lower taxes and less government spending. He knows first hand how crucially America needs health care reform, seeing the current changes negatively impact his wife, a neurosurgeon, and her patients. He believes Americans should be allowed to make personal health care decisions and is in favor of free-market health care reforms to keep the cost affordable.


For more information about Alex Mooney, please visit

Dr. Tim Murphy

Pennsylvania - District 18

As a psychologist, Dr. Tim Murphy has worked in the public and private sectors to help fellow citizens. Whether at Pennsylvania hospitals, as a school consultant, in his own private practice, or as a lieutenant commander in the U.S. Naval Reserves Medical Service Corps, Dr. Murphy has kept his focus on his patients—and believes the government should do the same.


For more information about Dr. Murphy, please visit

Dr. Tom Price

Georgia - District 6

Dr. Tom Price practiced orthopedic surgery in the Atlanta area for more than 20 years, while also serving as an assistant professor of orthopedics at Emory University and the medical director of an orthopedic clinic. As a past state senator and now congressman, Dr. Price is an advocate for a stronger and more responsive health care system that is kept in the hands of patients, families and doctors—not big government.


For more information on Dr. Price, please visit

Dr. Phil Roe

Tennessee - District 1

As a physician, Phil has delivered nearly 5,000 babies in his 30 years of practice. David “Phil” Roe represents Tennessee’s First Congressional District and has brought his many years of experience as a physician to bear in the national healthcare debate.

For more information on Dr. Roe, please visit

Dr. Mike Simpson

Idaho - District 2

Mike Simpson represents the families, small businesses, farms and ranches of Idaho’s Second Congressional District. Mike voted over 40 times to repeal Obamacare and cosponsored legislation to repeal a special exemption for Congress from Obamacare.

For more information on Dr. Simpson, please visit

Glenn "GT" Thompson

Pennsylvania - District 5

“GT” Thompson learned the importance of access to quality and affordable health care as he served nearly 30 years as a therapist, rehabilitation services manager and licensed nursing home administrator in Pennsylvania. As a Congressman, he introduced the STEP Act, which, now as law, removed out-of-date requirements to deliver health care to our military servicemembers.


For more information about GT Thompson, please visit

Dr. Brad Wenstrup

Ohio - District 2

Dr. Brad Wenstrup is a Congressman, podiatric surgeon and current lieutenant colonel in the U.S. Army Reserve. In 2005, Dr. Wenstrup served as a combat surgeon and chief of surgery in Iraq. For his service and actions, Dr. Wenstrup was awarded the Bronze Star and Combat Action Badge. Dr. Wenstrup firmly believes in opposing “harmful” legislation, such as Obamacare.


For more information on Dr. Wenstrup, please visit


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