What is the ACA? And what does it mean to you?

Obamacare is threatening our patients and our industry. Watch this video and learn why the time to act is NOW.

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Dr. Burgess Q&A

How and when will the ACA implement and incentivize mental health parity?

They have, but I don’t know that it’s been determined what that really looks like. It took them 5 years after the Mental Health Parity Act to come up with the first rules. And the essential health benefits through the…

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Dr. Burgess Q&A

Will the government do whatever it takes to make sure everyone gets care that they need, or want?

I don’t think the government will do whatever it takes. In some instances they will make sure the opportunity for care exists – but it may not be the care the patient wants. The ability of an insurance company to…

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Burgess, M.D.

Vision for the Future

Health Savings Accounts

Something magic happens when people spend their own money for healthcare. A high deductible health insurance plan coupled with a tax deferred savings account means less cash outlays for premiums. And if correctly done, those dollars remain available for medical expenses. Patient costs come down.

Making Premiums Tax Deductible

Treat people equally. In the large group market, there is tax preference for an employer to purchase insurance for an employee. We should also confer a tax preference on an individual buying in the individual market.  


To lower costs, patients should be able to buy across state lines. In the individual market, competition and lower premiums includes being able to buy across state lines. If we can buy across state lines to save 10% in 10 minutes or to shop online for life insurance quotes, we should be able to do the same with health insurance.

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Mission Statement

One critical part of this movement is to recruit and support medical professionals who can bring their knowledge of the healthcare industry to elected offices.

"I practiced for 25 years before I was elected to Congress in 2002. As an OB-GYN, I often thought Congress had no real understanding of my patients and my practice. So, I made the difficult decision to put my medical practice on hold so I could help represent our nation’s physicians, healthcare professionals, and patients in D.C. I encourage you to consider doing the same. The country needs your voice." – Dr. Burgess

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